Spear fishing in Bocas Del Toro
The name "Panama" is actually an aboriginal word loosely meaning "an abundance of fish"........... and they really got that right.  On the Caribbean side of Panama, the best fishing is SPEAR FISHING.  Everyone knows the best tuna and marlin fishing is on the Pacific side, but hands down, the very best spear fishing is in Bocas Del Toro.  The reefs here are pristine and untouched.  They are thick with Grouper, Snapper, Ocean Triggerfish, Barracuda and massive Parrot fish.  AMAZING!

The reason why the spear fishing here is truly worldclass has to do with the surf seasons limiting access to the reefs that hold the fish.  The surf pounds these reefs so relentlessly, that they just can not be fished for seven months of the year, sometimes more.  This means a healthy fishery.  Further, spear fishing is simply not a big deal wth the locals...they go for the lobster instead to sell in town.  The result - a mind blowing array of large, mature reef fish.
The best time for spear fishing is during the dry season of March through early May, and then September through early November.  The water is clear, the surf is flat, the sky is blue and the fish are plentyful.  
Island Path Panama only hunts the more remote reefs to ensure our guests get on the fish - we guarantee you'll see large fish, a staggering variety and you'll have the opportunity to hunt and spear the fish of your dreams. 

What makes a good spear fishing experience?  Underwater structure that attracts fish and creates a food chain that draws them in.  What makes a WORLD CLASS experience?  Varied and dramatic reef structure that spans miles.  Reefs that have ledges, caves, overhangs and cracks going down 20, 30, 40 feet and more.  This is where we hunt. 

Island Path Panama provides the spear guns, snorkel, mask, fins, boat, gas, guide and lunch - all you need.  You just show up and go.  If you are a beginner, we orient you on the use of the guns, what fish to hunt for and we shadow you to ensure you are on the fish.  Check our Rates and Reservations page for pricing details.