Island Path Panama for Surfing and Spear Fishing in Bocas Del Toro

We are closed for major renovations and will not be taking reservations. 

Please check back soon! 

The Island Path Panama cabanas look out into the rainforest.  For more details, go to the Cabanas page.   


Island Path Panama has specialized in getting surfers into empty lineups since 2009.  Our guests have enjoyed surfing alone, without the town crowds in some of the most tropical lineups the world offers.  If you read our reviews on (search on Island Path Panama), you'll see that we have an amazing reputation for comfort, service and committment to our customer's enjoyment...after all, vacations are a BIG DEAL and we appreciate your coming to Bocas Del Toro.

But we are changing our business to offer more flexibility and convenience while lowering the cost...The Island Path Panama Rainforest Home is coming.     

We will be rebuilding our cabanas into a fully catered vacation home, with a well applianced kitchen, rainforest living room, a dining room looking over a private tropical courtyard, two bedrooms that comfortably sleep two each, both with A/C...everything needed to make your stay comfortable.  Read our cabanas page for more details on what to expect with the Island Path Panama Rainforest Home.

We'll still offer our charter services when you want to surf a secret spot or go spearfishing.  Check out our rates page for the cost. 

This project is going to take us awhile but please continue to keep us in mind - we'll let you know when the Island Path Panama Rainforest Home is ready to accomodate you.

Revealing the Truth about SEVEN Bocas Del Toro Myths

1. Bocas only gets surf December through February - FALSE
The winter surf season starts up when the Nor'Easter season starts in North America, usually starting the end of October or Early November and lasting until the end of March.  And usually, once the surf turns on here, it lasts for weeks, sometimes months on end.  Then there is the summer season which starts at the beginning of the hurricane season (mid June) and lasting until the end of August.  What this means is 7 months of non-stop surf.  

2. Bocas only gets wind swell - TRUE, But What Is A Wind Swell?
The fact is, all surf is generated from wind.  What most surfers don't really understand is that wind swell can be super powerful, big and more consistent than ground swell.  (Find a picture of Silverbacks!) The difference is the wave period.  A period of under 11 seconds means wind swell, over 12 seconds means ground swell.  In fact, sometimes a shorter period is better as the waves tend not to closeout and there are fewer lulls, meaning more waves!

3. The surf spots are crowded - FALSE  
The town spots tend to get surfers on them, but the outer coast and island spots are empty.  Most times, we surf alone in the biggest and best surf.  It is all about having a boat, and understanding where to go, and when.  Surfing in Bocas is all about surfing by boat.

4. Silverbacks is the only big wave spot - FALSE
First off, Silverbacks is a world-class break.  But there are many outer reefs around the islands that hold triple overhead and even higher wave size, that are ridable.  Most of them are virgin, waiting for surfers with the right stuff.  If you are a charger, Bocas has the goods with no crowds to go along with it.  And Island Path Panama knows where these waves are.

5. You can stay at a hostle or a hotel near the beach and get plenty of surf without staying at an expensive surf camp - FALSE
The fact is, if you want to surf in Bocas, you surf by a boat with a guide who knows the area...period.  We know the conditions, crowd factor and the best places to get you into the water alone.  AND, the best surf is NOT in town, but on the outer coasts, reefs and islands.  And when you boil down the cost of food, taxis into town, bike rental as well as the hostel, the cost difference is slight.  If you are serious about your surf vacation, you'll stay at Island Path Panama.    

6. Island Path Panama is for Surfers only - FALSE
A substancial amount of our business has focused on the world traveler and people looking to go spear fishing.  Going forward, The Island Path Panama Rainforest Home will offer the traveler an strong alternative to the hostels and hotels in town while putting the traveler right in the thick of the rainforest.  Checkout our Things To Do page.  And for folks looking to go spear fishing, Island Path Panama has the experience, the gear and will put you into the aquatic foodchain!  Checkout our Spearfishing page.    

7. The Bocas night life is sketchy - WAY FALSE
Bocas is a safe place, period.  The culture here is all about Tranquilo and bad behaviour is looked down upon.  This is why so many women from the US, Canada and Europe come to Bocas alone or in groups.  The fact is, there is almost three women for every man that comes here for a vacation.  The Night Life in Bocas Town ROCKS!  

That said, you still need to "be smart".  Bocas is a town within a developing nation.  You have to be wise to the differences in the culture and not make yourself a target.   Check out our FAQ page for more facts on Bocas.